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Home raised
Aged minimum 21 days
Growth hormone free
Antibiotic free
Grass & grain fed
Quality guaranteed

Hamilton Farms is located near Cochrane, Alberta Canada in the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Hamilton Farms cattle herd grazes in some of the best cattle country you’ll find anywhere. In the summertime, our cows run on wide-open native grasslands where grass is lush, free of chemicals, and naturally healthy. We supply our cattle with the same healthy environment during the winter months giving them large acreages to roam around and feed on.

Black Angus beef is some of the most popular meat available to the consumer today. Hamilton Farms is proud to offer natural beef for sale from some of the best Black Angus cattle available. We select only the best cattle with heavy emphasis on sires with high carcass EPD’s. This helps insure that all of the progeny from these herd bulls carry the same genetics for superior carcass quality.

Our beef is pre-selected using ultrasound scanning to assure that we are raising and feeding only the best of the best. Absolutely no growth hormones are used in finishing our steers and only natural grains and foragesare used in their diet. Hamilton Farms Beef is naturally wholesome, tender and flavorful. It provides our beef customers with a consistently great dining experience every time whether it is a t-bone steak on the BBQ or a tender juicy prime rib oven roast. 

Contact us by email if you would like to place an order.

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